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  The creative guys at Sapien are thinking outside the box again.  They are offing a new hybrid approach to online training for PowerShell.  You sign up for a class and get some self-study materials but you also have an online class that meets twice a week for an hour (you have a choice of a couple of timeslots).  The course runs for 2 to 4 weeks depending upon the topic.  Very clever stuff.  You can find out more at the following links:

BTW – you probably already know that BillG is a big fan of creative education delivery.  At last year’s Technical Recognition Event (TRE), he invited George Lucas to discuss the topic (apparently George is a big fan of this as well). 

This year’s TRE was in large part a going away party for Bill.  Bill gave a fantastic talk about his foundation, the challenges ahead both in the SW industry and the world in general.  At some point he started talking about batteries and got super excited saying that he was VERY optimistic about the future of batteries and if you want more you should go watch the MIT Solid State Chemistry lectures which are online on the web.  He even gave us the course # 3.091.  He said, "it’s a 35 hour investment but well worth it".   (Professor Sadoway – Bill Gates loved your lectures!)

Now just step back a second and let that sink in.

Bill Gates.

(Once) the richest guy in the world.  Has a family.  Is SUPER hands on (often it feels like HEELS ON 🙂 ) when it comes to setting the technical direction for the company and keeping track of progress.  Runs one of the largest foundations and is hard core focused on SOLVING (NOT "improving") some of the biggest health problems facing mankind.  All that and he is investing 35 hours watching video lectures about solid state chemistry over the web. 

It blows my mind!

(BTW – I started watching those lectures and the guy is REALLY good.

Also – while we are on the topic of great internet lectures – I loved Lisa Pruitt’s Structural Aspects of BioMaterials over at the Berkely site.)


Anyway the reason for that diversion is to point out that novel education and training delivery is a growing area and can be quite effective.  I’d love to hear from anyone that takes this training.


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