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Ed Wilson’s book Microsoft Windows PowerShell Step By Step is finally shipping. I ordered my copy a couple of day’s ago and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ve exchanged emails with Ed a number of times and then I finally got to meet him at a recent event. Ed does a lot of hands-on scripting training for Microsoft so I can’t wait to read his book. Here is what the MSPress site says about it:
Learn Windows PowerShell—one step at a time—with practical, hands-on instruction from an expert.
Learn Microsoft Windows PowerShell —one step at a time—with practical, hands-on instruction from Microsoft’s leading scripting trainer, Ed Wilson. Work at your own pace and build practical system administration skills as you learn how to use Windows PowerShell to administer Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Exchange, and other Microsoft technologies. You will learn how to write your first Windows PowerShell commands and scripts to automate setup, deployment, and administration. This guide features self-paced learning labs and a companion CD that features a complete eBook, plus dozens of adaptable sample scripts you can use on the job.
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