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Time Stamping Log Files

Per Ostergaard has an interesting blog entry HERE where he discusses the pros/cons of various options for date/time formatting for time stamping log files.He concludes the following worked best for him:"$(Get-Date –f o) Start logging"Let's see what that gives us:[0]PS> "$(Get-Date -f o) Start logging"2007-05-19T12:20:18.2343750-07:...
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Replacing cmd.exe

Scott Fulton has an interesting PowerShell article over at Betanews: Why Can't PowerShell Be the Windows Command Prompt?He has a number of great quotes from Ian McDonald. Here are a couple of my favorites:In five years' time, McDonald believes, we'll all be able to look back and identify the "inflection point" where manageability of remote...
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The Virtuous Cycle: .NET Developers using PowerShell

I recently did an interview with Thomas Caywood of Redmond Developer Magazine about how .NET developers where finding PowerShell to be a useful tool for their development environments. I was pleased to see that he contacted a number of developers to get their stories and he included them in the article (HERE).If you think about the typical ...
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Microsoft Compute Cluster now has a PowerShell Provider and Cmdlets

Today the Compute Cluster group announced the release of their Tool Pack HERE. This includes a monitoring tool, a ping/pong diagnostic tool and (drum roll please……) a PowerShell Snap-in which provides a provider and a set of commands. I really like what they have done. I've include the text of their about file so that you can see for ...
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