PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code July 2022 Update

Steve Lee

Sydney Smith

We are excited to announce that the July update to the PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code

is now available on the extension marketplace.

This release renames the “PowerShell Integrated Console” to the “PowerShell Extension Terminal” to align with VS Code’s verbiage, adds many regression tests, and includes a number of bug fixes!

Updates in the July release

Note that these updates all shipped in our PowerShell Preview Extension for VS Code before shipping in our stable channel.

Some highlights of July release:

For the full list of changes please refer to our changelog.

Improvements to our tests

We are currently building out regression tests for the extension to cover everything we broke and subsequently fixed during the major rewrite earlier this year. We have a strong focus on quality, and want to ensure we continue to deliver a production-ready, high-quality extension to you, our users. We have made a large investment in improving the extension so we want to be able to confidently continue to iterate on this project without inadvertently impacting the performance, stability, or feature set.

We’ve begun this work already, and are tracking in our GitHub repository.

Some highlights of this work so far include:

Getting support and giving feedback

While we hope the new implementation provides a much better user experience, there are bound to be issues. Please let us know if you run into anything.

If you encounter any issues with the PowerShell Extension in Visual Studio Code or have feature requests, the best place to get support is through our GitHub repository.

Sydney PowerShell Team


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    Hello. I saw a video on Youtube by Rob Holt (great video btw) called “Using the PowerShell API from .NET”, and I needed some help with running my PowerShell code in my XAML GUI. I was able to run simple commands, but not the commands in my script. I previously built my app entirely in powershell ISE, but I wanted to gain experience in Visual Studio using XAML. Any chance that you can help me? I can send you any code that you need to see what I need help with. Thanks for any help that you can provide :).

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