Why do some people call the taskbar the "tray"?

Raymond Chen


Short answer: Because they’re wrong.

Long answer:

The official name for the thingie at the bottom of the screen is the “taskbar”. The
taskbar contains a variety of elements, such as the “Start Button”, a collection of
“taskbar buttons”, the clock, and the “Taskbar Notification Area”.

One of the most common errors is to refer to the Taskbar Notification Area as the
“tray” or the “system tray”. This has never been correct. If you find any documentation
that refers to it as the “tray” then you found a bug.

In early builds of Windows 95, the taskbar originally wasn’t a taskbar; it was a folder
window docked at the bottom of the screen that you could drag/drop things into/out
of, sort of like the organizer tray in the top drawer of you desk. That’s where the
name “tray” came from. (Some might argue that this was taking the desktop metaphor
a bit too far.)

Artist’s conception (i.e., Raymond sat down with Paint and tried to reconstruct it
from memory) of what the tray looked like at this time:

The tray could be docked to any edge of the screen or it could be undocked and treated
like any other window.

Then we ditched the tray and replaced it with the taskbar. We went through a doc scrub
to change all occurrences of “tray” to “taskbar”. If you go through the shell documentation,
you should not find the word “tray” anywhere.

A little while later, we added notification icons to the taskbar.

I think the reason people started calling it the “system tray” is that on Win95 there
was a program called “systray.exe” that displayed some icons in the notification area:
volume control, PCMCIA (as it was then called) status, battery meter. If you killed
systray.exe, you lost those notification icons. So people thought, “Ah, systray must
be the component that manages those icons, and I bet its name is ‘system tray’.” Thus
began the misconception that we have been trying to eradicate for over eight years…

Even worse, other groups (not the shell) picked up on this misnomer and started referring
it to the tray in
their own documentation
and samples,
some of which even erroneously
claim that “system tray” is the official name of the notification area

“But why do you care? That’s what everybody calls it now, may as well go with the

How would you like it if everybody started calling you by the wrong name?

Summary: It is never correct to refer to the notification area as the tray. It has
always been called the “notification area”.


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