It appears that I’ve never made a complete visit to the Pacific Northwest

Raymond Chen

According to the Internet, I have never made a complete visit to the Pacific Northwest. When I searched for the phrase “No trip to the Pacific Northwest is complete without” back in 2013, I learned that, among many other things, I would have to

  • go whale watching,
  • shop at the Bravern,
  • have a drink at Boundary Bay,
  • visit Glacier National Park in Montana,
  • take a ferry to Bremerton,
  • take a trip to Vancouver,
  • visit the Future of Flight,
  • eat at Burgerville,
  • visit Mount Rainier,
  • take a sightseeing tour of Camano Island.

Apparently, a complete visit to the Pacific Northwest is exhausting.


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  • Clockwork-Muse 0

    …. Montana is part of the Pacific Northwest?

    • Ron Parker 0

      I suspect that the ride on the Empire Builder from Portland or Seattle to Glacier is the PNW content they were trying to recommend. It’s the journey, not the destination.

    • Alex Brock 0

      That’s what i was thinking.

  • Georg Rottensteiner 0

    They have a two headed squirrel at Mount Rainier, unless some tabloid reporter killed it in the meantime.

    Do you have influence on the blog theme? The border of the edit box is really hard to make out.

  • Antonio Rodríguez 0

    Those “travel lists” are boring and undoable checklists which forget the most important thing: wherever you go, try to know the people and how they live. Everything else is accessory. Of course, it depends on whether you want to enjoy the trip and take a learning from it, or to publish some nice pictures on Instagram. For me, it’s the first one; I can do the second without leaving my armchair, taking pictures from the Internet. It just isn’t worth the trouble of traveling.

  • Alexey Badalov 0

    You can dig deeper, too.

    – No whale watching trip is complete without matching family t-shirts.
    – No trip to Vancouver is complete without seeing the steam clock, visiting Granville Island, and taking a bike ride along the sea wall.
    – No visit to Mount Rainier is complete without going on the Skyline Trail hike.

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