What are these duplicate services whose names differ just by random characters at the end?

Raymond Chen


If you open Task Manager and go to the Services tab, you may find that there are some services which appear to be exact duplicates of each other, except that there are random characters appended to them.

CaptureService_8453a CaptureService_8453aStopped
CaptureService_63f05 CaptureService_63f05Stopped
CDPUserSvc_8453a6256Connected Devices Platform User Se…Running
CDPUserSvc_63f057016Connected Devices Platform User Se…Running

As I noted in passing some time ago, some services are system-wide, and others are per-user. The ones that are system-wide have a single instance, but the ones that are per-user have a separate instance for each user. And the system appends a unique random number to the names of per-user services to keep them from colliding.


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