Why did I lose 3D display mode when I upgraded to the next version of Windows 10?

Raymond Chen

A customer was using the 3D display mode feature, which can be selected from the Display settings:

Display resolution
1920 × 1080 (Recommended)
Display orientation
3D display mode

They found that after an update of Windows 10, the 3D display mode option disappeared. The customer liaison said that the log files are unavailable from the customer but was nevertheless hoping for some background information that could help with troubleshooting.

The graphics team explained that in order to get 3D display mode, you must have a graphics card that supports it, a driver that is capable of producing it, and a monitor that can render it. They also note that nothing has changed in the system recently with respect to support for 3D display mode.

One thing that did change was manufacturer support for 3D mode.

In March 2019, NVIDIA announced that the April 2019 the GeForce Game Ready Drivers would be the last version to support NVIDIA 3D Vision. They advise that users who wish to continue using 3D Vision remain on that driver version, which will receive critical updates until April 2020.

The customer checked their video driver and noted that it had been upgraded to a version that no longer supports 3D. They confirmed that rolling back to the older version of the driver restored the 3D display mode option.

Mind you, we have already passed the end of support for that version of the driver, so the customer is basically on their own now with an outdated, unsupported driver.