The Settings app lets me pick a custom color for my mouse pointer, how do I get in on that action?

Raymond Chen


In the Settings app, under Ease of Access, Cursor & pointer, you can choose your mouse pointer color. There are some preselected colors, but there’s also an option to choose a custom color.

Some people are looking to see how mouse custom colors work, specifically, what registry key they need to modify to set the color.

There is no registry key that controls the mouse pointer color.

So how does it work?

Simple: The Settings app creates a brand new mouse cursor from scratch based on the color you picked: It painstakingly generates a bitmap that has the color you want, converts it to a cursor file, and saves it to your profile. And then it sets those custom-made cursors as your default mouse cursors.

In other words, each time you pick a color, you get an artisanal mouse cursor, hand-crafted and made to order.


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