How to plug in your USB Type A connector correctly the first time

Raymond Chen

Nearly every USB plug has a USB logo printed on one side. Use this one weird trick: Plug it in with that side facing up.¹

Make sure it’s the USB logo that’s facing up. The manufacturer logo, if present, faces down.

When I find a plug that lacks a logo. I put a small sticker on the “top” side.

Most power adapters in the United States are unpolarized two-prong Type A, which means that they can be plugged into the wall in either orientation. I write the amperage on a small sticker and stick it to the “top” side of the adapter.

There are some manufacturers who install their USB receptacles sideways or (heaven forfend) upside-down. I use a small sticker to identify the “logical top” side of those receptacles.

¹ “Rule of thumb: Thumb on the logo.”