Welcome to my new home on the Microsoft Developer Tools and Services blog site

Raymond Chen

Hi, everyone. The Microsoft Developer Tools and Services folks have been kind enough to give my blog a new home. The new site has a mobile-friendly design, and redirections have been put into place¹ so that links to the old site will come here.²

The Developer Tools and Services folks also created a really nice graphic for me, which I’ve put at the top of the home page, though you don’t get the full effect unless you’re on a large screen. Sorry.

I’m still trying to figure out the new site, so don’t be surprised if there are things that look weird. In particular the formatting of most posts is messed up. I’m working to fix them in my copious spare time, but it will take a while to update over 5000 articles. I’m working backwards, so the oldest posts will be the last to be updated.

The new site doesn’t give me as many customization opportunities as the old site did, so my SVG and CSS magic diagrams may not come out right. I’ll work with the blog hosting folks to see how much of it I can get working again, but my first goal is to fix the worst of the formatting issues.

One thing you’ll probably notice is that comments from the old site were not carried forward. Sorry.

If you have other questions about the blog migration, you can check the Developer Blogs FAQ to see if they’re answered there.

If you have questions about the new blog site that are not answered in the FAQ, you can ask them here and I’ll try to find answers to them.

¹ Redirections for posts from February and March of this year haven’t yet been set up. Thanks for your patience.

² This blog has moved so many times, you can probably get some sort of frequent-traveler reward for going to a really old link and redirecting through multiple sites before finally landing here.