So, um, what are we looking at?

Raymond Chen

Some of my relatives from Vancouver, British Columbia enjoy going on cruises. During one cruise along the Alaska coast, they found a large number of passengers gathered on the viewing deck and gazing toward the shore in awe and amazement.

My relatives looked out toward shore but couldn’t identify what it was that drew everyone’s attention. Was something interesting happening on shore? Was there a whale in the ocean?

After failing to identify the source of the awe and amazement, one of them asked one of the awe-filled passengers, “So, um, what are we looking at?”

The other passenger replied, “Why, the snow-covered mountains, of course. Aren’t they gorgeous?”

My relatives were less impressed, because they live in Vancouver, where a view of snow-covered mountains is what you get every winter.

They surmised that most of the people on the cruise are from parts of the world where they don’t get a view of snow-capped mountains on their daily commute.

I’ll be on my first cruise next week. The blog will be running on autopilot. This means that I won’t be around to approve comments manually. Only comments from validated users who have previously commented on the blog will get through automatically.


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