Songs with every other beat removed, how to make your own!

Raymond Chen

YouTube channel EveryOtherBeat takes popular songs and removes every other beat. So does the Tumblr EverySecondBeat.

Here’s how you can create your own:

  • Go to The Infinite Jukebox. The original purpose of this site is to make a song infinitely long by finding sections that are self-similar and using them to splice the song into an infinite loop. But we’ll use its feature to remove every other beat.
  • Pick a song you would like to transform.
  • Click the Tune button.
  • Set the Branch Similarity Threshold to the minimum, and uncheck Loop extension optimization. These operations create a straight path through the song with no looping.
  • Hit the right-arrow key once. This sets the play velocity to 2x, which removes every other beat. (More keyboard shortcuts can be found under the FAQ link.)
  • Click Play and enjoy.


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