I wasn’t fooled into thinking the Star Wars trench run was along the equatorial trench, but I was fooled anyway

Raymond Chen

The Internet appears to have awakened to the surprise that the trench run that serves as the climax of the original Star Wars movie doesn’t take place along the Death Star’s equatorial trench, but rather takes place along a smaller north-south trench.

I have to say that I was not fooled into thinking that it was the equatorial trench. But I was fooled anyway.

Based on the graphics in the briefing sequence, I was led to believe that the attack route was a dive into the Death Star’s core. I mean, look at it: The line goes from the north pole straight down to what appears to be the center of the Death Star.

I kept waiting for the fighters to stop putzing around on the surface and make their final dive into the core, but it never happened.

Oh well. I enjoyed the movie anyway.


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