When someone proposes marriage, bear in mind that there is a question that needs to be answered

Raymond Chen

A colleague of mine was at a restaurant, and he spotted a young couple at the next table. The woman fawned over a classic diamond engagement ring, and when she put it on her finger, he decided that it was safe to ask them about it. They had gotten engaged earlier that day, and the man told the story of the proposal, up to the point where he asked her to marry him. My colleague then turned to the woman and teasingly asked, “And what did you say?” The woman chuckled, then suddenly her eyes opened wide with the realization that she had skipped over this important technical detail. She became dead serious and very, very clearly said to the man seated across the table from her, “Yes.” My colleague paid for their dinner. Related story: When I proposed to my wife, the first three things she said were, “What are you doing?”, “What’s this?”, and “Oh, my God!” If all you knew was that these three sentences were uttered in response to a marriage proposal, it would be difficult to determine with certainty whether the proposal was accepted or rejected.

Fortunately for me, it went well, but after the hugging and kissing, I had to remind her, “You haven’t answered the question yet.”


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