Redistributing computers among offices for heating purposes

Raymond Chen

Some time ago, I joked about the people who rearrange computers in their house during the winter in order to use them as space heaters.

Turns out this happens a lot at Microsoft. One of my friends said that one of his coworkers used a small heater in her office to keep warm. On the other hand, his office always ran warm because of all the computers in it. They hit upon a simple solution to both problems: “Now she’s using a 12 core/24 thread space heater that’s a lot quieter than her old one.”

At one point in time, I had a large number of computers in my office, including an Itanium prototype. (You knew it was a prototype because it contained Engineering Styrofoam.) The thing generated a lot of heat. My friend across the hall, on the other hand, had a cold office. Solution: With some help from colleagues, we moved the Itanium across the hall. Two problems solved.


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