It may be your birthday, but why stop at just the day? Think big!

Raymond Chen

I had the pleasure of meeting a friend of a friend who is an odd, quirky sort, in a wholly endearing sort of way. When her birthday comes around, she isn’t satisfied to have just one day of celebration. Or even a week. No, she takes the entire month. The entire month of March is open season for taking her to dinner, getting her a gift, or otherwise celebrating what an awesome person she is.

Every year I receive an automated reminder, “X’s birthday: all day.” And I say to myself, “What, just the day?”

Bonus chatter: Her father is from Turkey, and her mother is Swiss (so she’s a deli sandwich, half turkey, half swiss, har-har). For her birthday one year, I knitted her a pot holder which was the Swiss flag on one side and the Turkish flag on the other. It was a fortunate coincidence that the two countries have the same color scheme on their flags.


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