The QuickCD PowerToy, a brief look back

Raymond Chen

One of the original Windows 95 PowerToys was a tool called QuickCD. Though that wasn’t its original name. The original name of the QuickCD PowerToy was FlexiCD. You’d think that it was short for “Flexible CD Player”, but you’d be wrong. FlexiCD was actually named after its author, whose name is Felix, but who uses the “Flexi” anagram as a whimsical nickname. We still called him Felix, but he would occasionally use the Flexi nickname to sign off an email message, or use it whenever he had to create a userid for a Web site (if Web sites which required user registration existed in 1994).

You can still see remnants of FlexiCD in the documentation. The last sample INF file on this page was taken from the QuickCD installer.


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