At least it'll be easy to write up the security violation report

Raymond Chen

Many years ago, Microsoft instituted a new security policy at the main campus: all employees must visibly wear their identification badge, even when working in their office. As is customary with with nearly all new security policies, it was met with resistance. One of my colleagues was working late, and his concentration was interrupted by a member of the corporate security staff at his door. — Sir, can I see your cardkey? My colleague was not in a good mood (I guess it was a nasty bug), so he curtly replied, “No. I’m busy.” — Sir, you have to show me your cardkey. It’s part of the new security policy. “I told you, I’m busy.” — Sir, if you don’t show me your cardkey, I will have to write you up. “Go ahead, if it’ll get you out of my office.” — All right, then. What’s your name? Without even looking from his screen, my colleague replied impatiently, “It’s printed on the door.”

The policy was rescinded a few weeks later.


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