Belated happy first birthday, Windows 7

Raymond Chen


On Friday, the marketing folks informed me that they
decided to put me on

the Microsoft Careers United States home page

in recognition of

Windows 7’s first birthday
It’s an honor and to be honest a bit scary to be chosen
to be the face of Windows on a day of such significance.
(They told me that had narrowed it down to me and
“some Director of Test”.
Sorry, Director of Test;
maybe they’ll pick you for Windows 7’s second birthday.)

I think my picture is still there (they didn’t tell me how
long it was going to be up),
but here’s a screen capture just to prove it to my relatives:

Here's looking at you, kid.

(Thank goodness they cropped out my withered hand.)

I wondered what would happen if I clicked

Find jobs like mine
What did they consider to be jobs like mine?
Alas, it just takes you to the job search page with no criteria filled in.
Maybe every job at Microsoft is like mine?

One of my colleagues teased me,
“Did you really legally change your last name to Windows?”


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