I'm sorry, Brian/Bryan Gregory, that confirming the spelling of your name is too much for you to handle

Raymond Chen

At 10am on November 30, I received a telephone call at work with “Anonymous” as the caller ID. Strange. But maybe it’s the same person who called my office phone from New York at 1am on the day after Thanksgiving and didn’t leave a message, and they’re just following up on the first business day after the holiday weekend. “Hello?” — Hello, this is Brian Gregory from Fred Asher Associates and I’m calling blah blah blah blah blah are you interested in this opportunity or know someone who is? I may have gotten the names wrong since he spoke so quickly. “I’m sorry, that was a bit fast. Your name is Brian Gregory?” — That’s right. “Is that with an I or a Y?” — Why do you need to know my name? What a strange question. This is information he volunteered at the start of the call, and besides, it’s only polite to identify yourself when you call someone. “I just need to log this call.” — Are you interested? “We can get to that once I get some basic information. Is Brian spelled with an I or a Y?” — Why does it matter? “I need to log this call so I can record my time, that’s all.” — *click*

I guess it wasn’t important. I mean, if it was important, you probably want the person to get your name right.


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