We accept cash, credit cards, and Microsoft cardkeys

Raymond Chen

One of the restaurants that opened at the new Microsoft Commons is Spitfire, which opened under its own name instead of one of the many wonderful alternatives proposed. At The Commons, the dining establishments operate in a variety of ways (cafeteria, buffet, fast casual, deli, etc.) but they share the common characteristic that you pay for your meal before you sit down to eat, and you clear your own table when you’re done. In other words, it’s a giant upscale food court spread out over two buildings. Except for Spitfire, which has its own building and operates as a sit-down restaurant with table service. One thing that I still can’t get over is that you can pay for your lunch at Spitfire with your Microsoft cardkey. That somehow just seems wrong.

(This week is Share Our Strength’s Great American Dine Out. Dine out at a participating restaurant and support efforts to help children at risk of hunger in the United States.)


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