Don’t be helpless: You can find information too, if you try (episode 2)

Raymond Chen

Commenter Joshua Blake wonders why Word’s status bar says “Word is preparing to background print the document”, wondering whether there used to be other types of printing like foreground.

Well, first of all, this is a question about Office, something I explicitly deny any special knowledge of:

Topics I am not inclined to cover: […]

  • Microsoft software that isn’t Windows. (Exchange, Office, …)

But I’m going to take this opportunity to teach you how to use information already available to you to answer this question yourself.

First, let’s see what the Internet says about Word and background printing. A search for ‹Word background printing› turns up pages that tell you how to turn background printing on and off. Well, that tells you right off the bat that there are other types of printing, and if you read the text of the page, it even tells you what happens if you turn off background printing: You can’t do anything with the program while it is printing.

There you go, an explanation of the other type of printing.


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