Meet Deltalina, the star of Delta's new in-flight safety video

Raymond Chen

Who knew that in-flight safety videos could be so popular? Introduced to the world on the Delta blog, the latest Delta in-flight safety video has generated quite a buzz around the Internet. Well, more accurately, the buzz surrounds the video’s star, flight attendant Katherine Lee, known to her drooling fans as Deltalina, with secondary attention paid to the cameo appearance of Exit Row Girl. The FlyerTalk forum is all over this topic of grave national importance, including appearances from Headphone Guy, Seat Belt Guy, and the aforementioned Exit Row Girl.

I’m not sure who is in more need of a life, the person who can explain why the volume in the current video jumps up at about the halfway point, or me, the person who actually read the thread to find all these links.


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