Why is the blog's subtitle "Not actually a .NET blog"?

Raymond Chen

Based on the feedback from my last CLR week, I think one CLR week a year is about right, Welcome to CLR Week 2007. I’ll kick off the week with something not actually technical, but which might be puzzling to the newcomers: Why is the blog’s subtitle “Not actually a .NET blog”? When I started, the blog hosting site for Microsoft technical bloggers was blogs.gotdotnet.com, and this site was consequently located at blogs.gotdotnet.com/oldnewthing. (The old address still works. Blog backward compatibility, I guess.) It was the .NET folks like Brad Abrams and Chris Brumme who started the big wave of Microsoft blogging in 2003, and when they set me up, they set me up with what they had. I chose the subtitle, therefore, because the name gotdotnet.com implied that all the blogs would be .NET-related, but mine wasn’t. The blog moved to weblogs.asp.net and then to blogs.msdn.com, so the .NET assumption no longer applied, but I kept the tag line anyway.

(If you want something technical for the start of CLR Week, may I recommend this puzzle from Eric Gunnerson on how overloaded functions are resolved in derived classes and this bonus puzzle from Neal Horowitz. Or, if you’re more historically-bent, A Brief History of DateTime and A Brief History of DateTime Follow-up.)


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