But now I'll never know which politician that alien backs for the next election

Raymond Chen

It has been reported that everybody’s favorite mock tabloid The Weekly World News is ceasing publication. Seeing as this is The Weekly World News we’re talking about, I’m not sure how much of this I’m going to believe, but people seem to be taking it at face value. I remember seeing a WWN article clipped out and posted on the door to a geology professor’s office at XYZ college. The article’s title was something like “Dinosaurs alive and well—on the moon!”* It was illustrated with a drawing of happy dinosaurs wandering around a tropical lunar paradise, and the article quoted “An XYZ geology professor” as having seen the dinosaurs through a telescope. (What’s a geologist doing looking at the moon through a telescope?) This was a small college, so the professor figured he must have been the one. Nitpicker’s corner

*This story is from memory. I may have gotten details wrong. For example, the dinosaurs may have been on Mars, not the moon. The name of the college was probably not XYZ.


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