Probably the most expensive Harry Potter viewing I'll ever attend

Raymond Chen

Last week, I arranged to meet a friend downtown to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Traffic across the 520 bridge during the evening rush is always a disaster, so whenever I have to head into the city by myself after work, I usually take the bus, and today is no exception. It is a sunny day, which makes for pleasant weather but horrible traffic. For some reason, traffic is significantly worse on sunny days. Short version: The bus is running behind schedule, and it’s caught up in downtown traffic, so I get off at an earlier stop than I planned and walk/run the rest of the way. It is during this stretch of “run to the next traffic light, cross if possible, else wait for the light” that my clip-on sunglasses must have fallen out of my pocket, because when I reach the theater, they are gone. And I didn’t need to have run anyway, because my friend is late, and we miss the 6:40 showing. Fortunately, that is the only glitch in the day. We grab some dinner and catch the next show. A few days later, I stop by the eyeglasses store to order a replacement sunglasses clip. $85. That was one expensive Harry Potter movie.

(By the way, I liked the movie.)


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