Does Microsoft internally use MFC for writing Windows apps?

Raymond Chen

Craig Ward figures that if he asks enough questions I might answer one of them. “Does Microsoft internally use MFC for writing Windows apps? How about VB?” People use whatever they decide best meets the requirements for the task at hand. That could be a batch file, a C++ program, a perl script, a web page with a bunch of JScript, use your imagination. Is the number of solutions that use MFC and VB nonzero? I don’t know for sure (I’m not in the habit of taking all the programs I see and trying to figure out what language they’re written in), but I’d be very surprised if somebody somewhere hasn’t thrown together an MFC or VB program to do something, be it a test suite, an install script, a graphical interface over a complicated command-line tool, or something else. It’s a big company. I understand that in some parts of the company they even use Macintoshes.

I’m not going to go into details of specific projects because (3) I am not authorized to talk about it. (I gave reasons one and two two years ago.)


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