Let the dead computer scavenging commence!

Raymond Chen

Now that my old computer is up on bricks in the virtual front yard, the scavenging has begun. I got a piece of email from one of my colleagues saying, “Say, you aren’t using that PC-2100 memory any more are you?” Why no, in fact, I wasn’t. Christmas comes early. (He offered to buy the memory off of me, but since I had already written the old computer off as a loss, I just gave him the memory. But even he didn’t want the 256MB memory stick.)

I’ve still got a perfectly good Socket A 1GHz AMD Thunderbird, a full-size ATX (not ATX1) case with power supply, a modem (wow, remember those?), a network card, an AGP video card, a small farm of CD and DVD drives… I doubt anybody’s going to want to scavenge those unless they’re just stocking up in anticipation of their own old computer going bad.


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