Now it looks like I speak far more languages than I actually do

Raymond Chen

The folks over at TechNet Magazine have done something really cool: They’ve started translating all their articles into Spanish, French, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. (But no Swedish.) You can change your language on the fly with the combo box in the corner. (MSDN Magazine is doing the same thing. It’s an epidemic!) They did such a thorough job, they even translated my screenshot! (Though they forgot to adjust the picture size. Hey, they’re still new at this. Give them time.) And by a stroke of synchronicity, they first article of mine to get this treatment is one that even mentions the hard work that goes into translating Windows…

(Note: I didn’t get to see the translations ahead of time, so something may have been lost along the way. For example, in the German version, I don’t think “dass unser Programm schlecht aussieht” quite captures what I was trying to say. Something more like “ein schlechtes Licht auf unser Programm zu werfen.” I don’t blame the translators, though. How were they to know that I was talking more figuratively than literally?)


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