Christmas gift idea for your favorite glasses-wearing geek

Raymond Chen

Yes, I’m talking about Christmas gifts (or “winter solstice gifts” if you prefer) in July. I’m one of those people for whom buying Christmas gifts is a brain-wracking ordeal, and I’m always on the lookout all year round for the “perfect gift”. Last Christmas, a friend of mine gave me a micro-fiber lens-cleaning cloth that comes in a pouch you can attach to a keychain. Example 1. Example 2. (I have no affiliation with those two sites; I just hunted around looking for a picture.) Best gift ever. I use it several times a day.

My keychain has only four things on it: The aforementioned cleaning cloth, a USB thumb drive, my car key, and my house key. And I could do without the thumb drive and car key most days. But don’t take away my cleaning cloth.


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