More about the house in front of Microsoft's RedWest campus

Raymond Chen

After I mentioned that house in front of Microsoft’s RedWest campus, I received an e-mail message from Mike Daly which corrects some of my mistakes and provides additional details:

Actually, there were two houses in the strip in front of RedWest. The one you show has not been moved. The other ended up on blocks and parked opposite the RedWest driveway while the parking garage was built. That house eventually was moved north down the street and put on a foundation (about two years ago). You can see it in the middle of this picture. The yard is in straw, and there is a new blacktop drive going down the north side into the backyard.

After the house was put on the foundation, a sign went up to subdivide the land. As far as I can tell, the house has never been lived in (in the new location). In fact the electricity has not been connected. I’ve been running past those houses for years, and it has been strange to watch the one move up and down the street. Also, when the land was purchased by Microsoft, there were two old chicken coops in the middle of the property under the largest blackberry brambles you have ever seen.

I also recommend that you go back to that earlier article, because there’s some good info in the comments.


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