Where did the names of the computer Hearts opponents come from?

Raymond Chen


A Windows 95 story in commemoration of the tenth anniversary
of its release to manufacturing (RTM).

Danny Glasser


where the names for the computer opponents in the game Hearts came from

I didn’t myself know where the names came from, but Danny’s explanation
of the source of the Windows 95 names
brought back memories of the child of one of our co-workers,
whose name I will not reveal but you can certainly narrow it down
to one of three.
He/she was exceedingly well-behaved and definitely helped to
make those long hours slightly more tolerable.
I remember once we heard the receptionist’s voice come over the
public address system, which was itself quite a shock because
nobody ever uses the public address system.
The message was, “Will X please come to the receptionist’s desk.
Your son/daughter is here.”

Space Cadet JimH

picks up the story and

explains how he went about writing the computer player logic
(And no, the computer players don’t cheat.)


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