My first death threat

Raymond Chen

Actual feedback submitted to the web site many years ago.

id: 13726
Date: 1996-07-29 17:27:41.997
Name: ***********
Email: *************
Area: Windows 95
PLEASE read this entire email as it is quite serious. I just discovered today that in the Windows 95 operating system, there are no switches, command line options, or any way whatsoever to have the XCOPY command include hidden/system files in it’s operations. It is clear that at some point in the development of the Windows 95 product, that somebody made a conscious decision to implement the xcopy command in this manner. It is also clear from looking at the Windows NT XCOPY command that it can be implemented in the manner I describe. Therefore, let me give fair warning. This may not be easy, and I will expect no help from Microsoft in finding out who this person (or persons) was that made this decision, but….eventually I will find out who made this decision, and I will kill them. This is not an idle threat – I will pursue this matter until it is resolved…whoever is responsible for this incredibly ridiculous implementation of what would be an otherwise useful tool will die at my hands, hopefully in a bloody, painful fashion. You will not get away. -J*hn ******

J*hn, if you’re still out there… the switch for copying hidden files on Windows 95 is /H. Same as Windows NT.

Please don’t kill me.


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