Being the Nobel Peace Prize

Raymond Chen

For Hallowe’en this year, I’m going to be the Nobel Peace Prize. (I like being things that people would never even think of as a possible Hallowe’en costume. Last year, I was an inter-office envelope. People addressed me from place to place.)

I chose the Nobel Peace Prize in part because I’m studying Swedish so I thought it would be fun to be something Swedish. Except that the Nobel Peace Prize is Norwegian! Oh, the horror!

But what’s done is done. I already made the medal and have started making the diploma, but I hit a snag: Whose name should be on the Prize?

I could go historical and reproduce the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Jimmy Carter. (He’s my favorite of the recent Peace Prize recipients.)

Or I could go surreal and create an imaginary award to be bestowed upon Jennifer Lopez or maybe David Hasselhoff.

Or I could just leave the space blank and invite people to nominate a winner.

My other problem is making the check for SEK 10,000,000. I asked my friend in Sweden what a check looks like and he says he’s never seen one. He doesn’t know anybody who actually writes checks. The closest I could find is this novelty check but it doesn’t look very convincing. (There’s no bank name or check number, for example.) So I’m asking you for help. Can somebody describe what a Swedish check looks like?


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