British newspapers are much more fun to read

Raymond Chen

You can always count on The Register for a snarky take on the day’s technology news. Today’s favorite is this “review” of the nTAG, which ends with

Well, we think that any sane person would have to held at gunpoint to induce them to carry an electronic device which, besides containing personal or other information which is transmitted wirelessly, can also be tracked by event organisers and makes the wearer look like a complete muppet. We could be wrong, of course.

Even more mainstream papers like The Guardian can develop quite an attitude. They recently ridiculed the furore over that thing that everybody is talking about but the courts have forbidden the press from reporting on. My favorite is still this list of things we don’t miss. I don’t understand three quarters of it but I don’t care; it’s still a riot.

Why are newspapers in the States so stodgy? The only wild goofiness in a major paper I can think of offhand is the Washington Post Style Invitational, but they wouldn’t dare let any of this infect their “serious” news…


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