Introducing the NuGet PowerShell Commands Survey

Jeffrey Fritz

You’ve probably seen the cool announcements from Microsoft about the new Community Edition of Visual Studio and the upcoming Visual Studio 2015 release in the new year. We at the NuGet team have been ramping up our tools to support the new Visual Studio with a better visual experience and a better command-line experience. We’ve also released some information about our upcoming v3 release of our protocol based on JSON-LD.

Now we want to do something to stay true to the open-source license of our tool. We want to ask you for your input about our PowerShell capabilities. We will review all feedback and make decisions about the future direction of the NuGet PowerShell commands based on the results of this survey. This is an important artifact for us to ensure that we continue to deliver a package manager tool that provides significant value to you. I promise that we will share the results of the survey and introduce how they fit into our planned roadmap for 2015 and beyond.

So.. What are you waiting for? Make some clicky clicky noises with your mouse and take our survey at the following location:


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