Require.js in SharePoint Online on First Release Tenants

Office Add-ins team

As some of you in the community have noticed, there has been a recent change to the SharePoint Online service that includes Require.js references. Require.js is a JavaScript file and module loader.

Many of you in the community have been using Require.js and might be considering using the file as provided by Microsoft.

We want to share with you our plans when the timing is right, but at this time are considering this file to be part of a “preview”. You should not rely on it being the version or concrete implementation that we will use in our production features.

In short – the SharePoint and OneDrive teams believe in using open source solutions where appropriate. This will help us bring features into our services quicker. We want to empower our community who build on top of our platform to leverage these solutions too.

We will share more on these plans as we progress down this path. In coming months we will use this new blog to communicate with you changes as and when they reach the service in First Release.

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