Kaizala extensibility training available now on Microsoft Virtual Academy

Kaizala Developer Platform team

Kaizala Extensibility training is now available as a course on Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) click here – which has the videos as well as the slides.

Kaizala Extensibility Course information

The Kaizala Developer Platform offers multiple ways to integrate and extend Kaizala to suit your organizational needs. You can use Connectors to integrate Kaizala with your business processes and design custom Actions through the Kaizala Management Portal. Developers can create custom actions using HTML and JavaScript to integrate business logic on client apps. Also, quickly capture data into Excel from Kaizala using the add-in and visualize data captured on Kaizala using the Power BI content pack. Kaizala is also available on Microsoft Flow as a connector allowing you to integrate Kaizala in your Flows.
01 | Introduction to Kaizala Extensibility
Overview of what the Kaizala Developer platform offers to integrate and extend Kaizala to suit your organizational needs.
02 | Getting started with Kaizala APIs
Use Kaizala REST APIs to perform operations in Kaizala.
03 | Kaizala API authentication
Understand the different authentication mechanisms supported by Kaizala APIs.
04 | Custom Kaizala actions
Understand the different views in action, an action lifecycle and how to customize actions.
05 | Developing custom Kaizala actions
Develop custom actions using the Kaizala Action SDK – KASClient.js
06 | Kaizala Flow connector
Use Microsoft Kaizala Flow connector to integrate Kaizala into your business workflows.
07 | Kaizala Power BI content pack
Distribute organizational data and reports with data from Kaizala using Power BI Content Pack.

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