Excel JavaScript API 1.7 goes GA

Office Add-ins team

Excel JavaScript API 1.7 goes GA! 

We’re pleased to announce that the Excel JavaScript 1.7 API is now generally available! We received lots of great feedback on the design of the APIs during the beta period and we appreciate your active participation. Our mission to provide a richer JavaScript library for Excel remains unchanged; you can look forward to new and enhanced APIs in the near future. Today we are excited to announce that more than four hundred new APIs  are now available for you to use to create and amaze your customers with more powerful Excel add-ins! 

What’s new in 1.7? 

  • Events – Enrich your Excel add-in experiences with new coauth-proofed events. In 1.7 we added  onChangedonSelectionChangedonAdded, and onActivated/onDeactivated to many Excel objects. 
  • Customize chart elements – We added new APIs for charts to enable richer visualizations. With these APIs, add-ins can change the appearance of a chart and add series, trendlines, axis, titles and more.
  • Custom and built-in document properties – Create, read, delete, and update  custom document properties, as well as built-in document properties. 
  • Styles – Apply built-in styles or create and apply your own custom styles. 
  • More worksheet capabilities – Copy worksheets, as well as other worksheet properties such as setting tab colors, within your workbook. 
  • Password protection for workbooks. 

Check the sheet in this page for the full list of new APIs! 

How to get a try? 

Office 365 users can get the benefit of these new APIs today! To use our new API, upgrade Excel to version 1801 (Build 9001.2171) or later. You can also try these APIs on Excel Online. For iOS/Mac/Online minimum versions, see requirement sets page. 

Do you want to participate in the design of upcoming Excel JavaScript preview APIs? Excellent! Visit the Excel JavaScript API Open Specification. 

You can also try out the new API features by using the built-in code snippets that are available in Script Lab. In Script Lab, you’ll find samples that use preview APIs listed in the Preview APIs category. 

We encourage you to try out the new APIs and tell us what you think. You can post questions about the APIs on Stack Overflow (tag with office-js), make suggestions for the docs on GitHub, or suggest new API features on UserVoice. 

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