Ray Fang

Software Engineer, IoT Developer Tools

Ray is a Software Engineer for IoT Developer Tools at Microsoft.

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A Workaround to Run Azure IoT Edge on ARM64 Devices

Azure IoT Edge went generally available in June, with official support for AMD64 and ARM32 platforms. Recently, more and more developers from the community requested to run Azure IoT Edge on ARM64 (a.k.a. AArch64) devices such NVIDIA TX2. While the ARM64 support of Azure IoT Edge is still in progress, this post will introduce a workaround...

New Features in Visual Studio Code IoT Edge Extension 0.1.3 & IoT Toolkit 0.5.0

At the Connect(); 2017 in last November, we announced public preview of Azure IoT Edge. Now you can bring the intelligence of the Cloud right to the IoT Edge as well as easily create and manage business logic for your devices. The new Azure IoT Edge extension for Visual Studio Code along with the updated Azure IoT Toolkit extension will ...