April 2024: A look at the latest Microsoft Entra key feature releases, announcements, and updates

Adam Matthews

As Spring breathes new life into the world, Microsoft Entra greets April with its own flourish of growth and evolution. In this month’s edition, we’re excited to share a host of new enhancements and capabilities. Let’s dive into the latest developments that went Generally Available (GA), important announcements, and useful resources.

What went Generally Available (GA) since March 2024?

  • API-driven inbound provisioning: This enables you to use your preferred automation tool to retrieve workforce data from any system of record, for provisioning into Microsoft Entra ID and connected on-premises Active Directory domains. IT admins have full control on how the data is processed and transformed with attribute mapping. Once the workforce data is available in Microsoft Entra ID, IT admins can configure appropriate joiner-mover-leaver business processes using Microsoft Entra ID Governance Lifecycle Workflows.

  • TLS 1.3 support for Microsoft Entra: Aligning with security best practices (NIST – SP 800-52 Rev. 2), Microsoft Entra is rolling out support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 across its endpoints. With this change, the Microsoft Entra ID related endpoints will support both TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 protocols.

News, updates, and resources

  • New applications added to the Microsoft Entra ID app gallery in March 2024 supporting user provisioning.

  • Users who use outdated versions of the My Apps Secure Sign-in extension will experience breakages from June 2024. If you have the latest versions of Edge or Chrome extensions, you don’t need to do anything, and you will experience no change in functionality. Edge and Chrome update extension versions automatically. If you have an old Firefox version of this extension, all functionality will stop working in June 2024. (Note: Firefox support ended in September 2021). We suggest using the Edge or Chrome extension.

  • Read our new guidance on Microsoft Entra ID for independent software developers (ISVs) that provides best practices for ISVs who are providing solutions for their customers who use Microsoft Entra ID.

  • Learn what’s new in Microsoft Entra ID, such as the latest release notes, known issues, bug fixes, functionality being deprecated, and upcoming changes. You can find release specifics for Sovereign Clouds on this dedicated release notes page.

Workshop on-demand recordings

  • Microsoft identity platform: Explore modern authentication and authorization foundations and adding authentication to an app. Learn about token customization and best practices for protecting an API.

  • Identity workshop: Explore what the Microsoft identity platform provides for developers, principles of modern authentication, and migrating apps from ADAL to Microsoft authentication library (MSAL).

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