Agility SDK 1.700.10 – our first Agility SDK preview!

Jacques van Rhyn

We’re pleased to announce that we’re releasing our first Agility SDK preview today, Agility SDK version 1.700.10-preview!

Head to Agility SDK Downloads to grab it.

Agility SDK version 1.700.10-preview contains support for the following features:

This is our first preview version of the Agility SDK, meaning that your machine must be in developer mode to access these features.

Roadmap and release availability

The Agility SDK allows the DirectX team to make features available on every OS Windows 10 version 1909 (Windows 10 November 2019 Update) and up.

For more on the OS versions that support the Agility SDK see here.

Enhanced Barriers Preview

Enhanced Barriers is a preview feature today and is intended to give developers an early look at the feature. This does not include support for GPU-Based Validation today, which will be in a subsequent Agility SDK release. Driver support today is also limited to WARP support.

We’ll update the DirectX devblogs and the Enhanced Barriers blog post with driver information as more drivers become available. We’ll also update the DirectX devblogs once an Agility SDK with release-quality support for Enhanced Barriers is ready.

For more, see our Enhanced Barriers blog.

Video Encode Release

This Agility SDK release also contains support for a feature that we’ve added to DirectX since our previous Agility SDK was released: Video Encode, a new feature in our existing video API families. For more, see our Video Encode blog.


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  • Lin Hsu 0

    I encountered such an issue:

    My app works fine with Agility SDK 1.4.10 on Win10 (app’s D3D12Core.dll is actually used) and Win11 (system’s D3D12Core.dll is actually used).

    However I got this error when I (accidentally) copied Win11’s D3D12Core.dll to my app, and run on Win10.

    Seems like D3D12.dll of Win10 and Win11 have different selection mechanisms for D3D12Core.dll.

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