DirectStorage GDeflate Reference Implementation Now Available

Cassie Hoef

Damyan Pepper

The GDeflate reference implementation is now available from the DirectStorage repo on GitHub. Developers can use this to easily integrate GDeflate into their asset compression tool chains and build compatible compressors. The compression and decompression algorithms are open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license.

How to Build:

The GDeflate directory contains the codec source and sample code. The repo uses submodules, so be sure to pass --recurse --submodules to the git clone command. If you already cloned this repo, then you can run git submodule update --init.

Once cloned:

  1. Install Visual Studio 2019 or higher.
  2. Launch a Developer Command Prompt
  3. Navigate into the GDeflate subdirectory
  4. Configure CMake using the command line, VSCode, or Visual Studio

Note: This code can be built using Linux as long as you have CMake 3.19 and ninja-build installed.

Command line

cmake --preset Debug

cmake --build --preset Debug


Launch VSCode in the GDeflate directory root. CMake generation will happen automatically.

Visual Studio

Launch Visual Studio and choose ‘Open a local folder’ and select the GDeflate directory root.


Details on DirectStorage and GDeflate:

All instructions and description of the bitstream format are in the file – see here for more details on how to best leverage the compression tooling.

For more details about DirectStorage and GDeflate, please check out our previous blog posts:

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