Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2019.12.13

Sasha Rosenbaum

It is the holiday season, and the bright lights are everywhere. In the technology world, I hope you’re seeing more green than red lights in your Azure Pipelines status badges!

Monitor Azure DevOps workflows and pipelines with Datadog
Pipeline status monitoring is an important part of the software delivery lifecycle. You can now monitor Azure DevOps in Datadog, seeing data live in an event stream! The integration can be configured in minutes, and allows you to monitor Azure Pipelines as well as other types of events, such as work item or repository activity. Thank you, Steve Harrington, Rogan Ferguson and Shashank Barsin for creating this overview!

Automating Build Pipeline Creation using Azure DevOps Services REST API
While you can configure all of your pipelines through the UI, Azure DevOps also offers a full REST API that allows you to automate the workflow. Ryan Buchanan was facing a particular problem – the need to create a large number of similar pipelines. This post demonstrates a PowerShell script used to automate the REST API calls for creating the Azure Pipelines. Thank you, Ryan!

Canary Deployments with Just Azure DevOps
Canary releases are very useful, especially when it comes to applications deployed on container orchestrators. In this blog, Yuri Burger details how to create canary releases for Kubernetes apps using Azure Pipelines. This implementation does not use the new canary deployment strategy yet, but does have gated approvals, which is certainly helpful!

What Is Azure Pipelines A Primer
In this new video series, Mickey Gousset starts with an overview of general CI/CD and Azure Pipelines concepts, and then continues with deeper dives into Azure YAML Pipeline features. Subscribe to Mickey’s channel for more upcoming videos!

CI/CD for Go App with Azure Pipelines
And if you are in the mood for a longer video, here is an excellent presentation on how to build, test and deploy a Go Web API using Azure DevOps. Thanks, Rainer Stropek!

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