Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2019.10.25

Sasha Rosenbaum

Azure DevOps and Azure Cloud thrive through partnerships. I am especially grateful to our community members and partners who work with us on broadening that ecosystem. In this week’s newsletter, we will highlight integrations between Azure DevOps and a range of 3rd party and 1st party tools.

How to Use Project “Piper” Docker Images for CI/CD with Azure DevOps
SAP products are widely used across our industry, and Microsoft just extended our partnership with SAP. Project Piper is SAP’s open-source solution for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, and you can now use Project Piper out of the box with Azure DevOps! In this guide, Sarah Noack walks us through setting up an Azure YAML Pipeline using the Piper Docker images. Thank you Sarah, for publishing this overview!

Sales Force Power Scripts
This new Azure DevOps extension is an integration between Azure DevOps and Sales Force. To quote the extension description, “SFPowerscripts is an Azure Pipelines Extension that converts Azure Pipelines into a CI/CD platform for Salesforce”. Thank you Azlam Abdulsalam for your work on the extension!

Integrate OpenCover with Azure DevOps
OpenCover is an open source code coverage tool for .NET applications. In this blog, Niels Nijveldt walks us through integrating OpenCover into an Azure Pipeline, using PowerShell scripts to automate the OpenCover report generation. Thank you, Niels!

Setting up Azure DevOps for your Data Factory – Part 3/3 – Create release pipeline
This week I came across two guides on using Azure Pipelines to deploy to Azure Data Factory, and I wanted to share both. This post from Helge Rege Gårdsvoll shows us how to set up a Release Pipeline for ADF in Azure DevOps. Thank you, Helge for putting this walkthrough together!

Continuous integration and delivery in Azure Data Factory using DevOps and GitHub – PASS Video
And in case you prefer video format, here is a video guide on the same topic from Rayis Imayev. In this virtual group session, Rayis talks about his experience from getting from manual deployments to Azure Data Factory to automating the deployments with Azure Pipelines. Thank you Rayis!

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