What’s new in Azure DevOps Sprint 159

Sasha Rosenbaum

Sprint 159 has just finished rolling out to all organizations and you can check out all the new features in the release notes. Here are some of the features that you can start using today.

Azure Boards app for Microsoft Teams

We’re excited to announce the new Azure Boards app for Microsoft Teams. The app allows you to monitor work item activity by subscribing to different types of events, including work item created, work item updated, etc., and to get notifications for these events in your Teams channel. You can also use the app to create new work items.

Azure Repos app for Microsoft Teams

We are announcing a new Azure Repos app for Microsoft Teams. With this app, you can monitor your repositories and get notified whenever code is pushed/checked in, pull requests (PRs) are created or updated in your Teams channel. In addition, previews for pull request URLs will help you to initiate discussions around PRs and have contextual and meaningful conversations. 

Mark files as reviewed in a pull request

Sometimes, you need to review pull requests that contain changes to a large number of files and it can be difficult to keep track of which files you have already reviewed. Now you can mark files as reviewed in a pull request. You can mark a file as reviewed by using the drop-down menu next to the file name, or by hovering and clicking on the file name. (Note that this feature is only meant to track your progress as you review a pull request, so the marks will only be visible to the reviewer.)

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are plenty more features that we’ve released in Sprint 159. Check out the full list of features for this sprint in the release notes.

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  • Simon Kurtz 0

    Happy to see “Mark files as reviewed.” Thank you! I’m frequently involved in larger PRs where this will be very helpful.

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