Team Foundation Service Preview – Beginner’s Guide


UPDATE June 11, 2012 – This blog post series has been updated by our new beginner’s guide hosted here.

This blog post series includes step-by-step instructions to get you productive as quickly as possible.

Click on any of the links below to get started…


Create a Team Project

Before you get started, you need a place to store all your code, tasks, and builds.


Add Team Members to Your Project

If you want others to join you, here is how you invite them.


Connect Visual Studio 2010 to Your TFS Preview Account

You can connect your Visual Studio directly to your TFS preview account, allowing you to access all your code directly from your favorite IDE.


Upload Source to Your Hosted Account

Store your source in the cloud! Then its accessible from anywhere.


Get Started with Agile Planning Tools

You have a team, you have code, now you can start planning using our Agile Planning tools, including an easy-to-use product backlog and visual task board.


If there are other topics you’d like covered, let us know.


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