Share packages publicly from Azure Artifacts – Public Preview

Elijah Batkoski

Azure Artifacts, part of Azure DevOps, offers the ability to host and share Maven, npm, NuGet, and Python package feeds within your organization. Over time, one of the most consistent requests we’ve heard from our users was for the ability to share packages from Azure Artifacts with users outside of your Azure DevOps organization.

As anticipated during Microsoft Build 2019, today I’m excited to announce the public preview of public feeds in Azure Artifacts.

Public feeds allow you to share your packages with anyone on the Internet. NuGet, npm, Maven, and Python packages stored in public feeds can be accessed without authentication by anyone, including anonymous users who aren’t logged into an Azure DevOps account.

You can create a public feed by going to the Artifacts tab in a public project and clicking + New Public Feed near the top of the UI. All packages stored in the public feed can be accessed by anyone by following the steps in the Connect to feed dialog. Anonymous access is read-only, and users still need to the correct permissions in order to push new packages to public feeds.

The first 2 GB of public packages are free, just like with private Azure Artifacts feeds. Additional storage is charged per GB per month according to the pricing page.

To learn more about public feeds, check out our feeds documentation, or if you want to dive in, go straight to our tutorial on sharing packages publicly.

During the public preview, we’re eager to hear any and all feedback so that we can improve public feeds as much as possible before the GA release. Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter with any thoughts or suggestions. Happy sharing!

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  • Christoph Bergmeister 0

    Not related to Azure artifacts, but by looking at your linked pricing page, the page does not present the pricing of Azure Pipelines very well as it describes only the limited model of using private builds (which has maximum of 1800 hosted build minutes and no parallel jobs) and does not mention at all that Azure Pipelines is completely free without any build minute limitations and furthermore offers up to 10 parallel jobs if the repository is open source.

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