Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2019.07.26

Sasha Rosenbaum

It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather. For that moment when you need a break from the fun outdoor activities with your friends and family, here are some great posts from the Azure DevOps community for you to enjoy!

Working with Audit logs in Azure DevOps
We have recently announced a Preview of Audit Logs in Azure DevOps. While it may be too early to rely on this feature in production, you can start getting familiar with it. This post from Mohit Goyal walks you through configuring auditing, managing audit logs access, and getting the audit logs out via the REST API. Thanks, Mohit, for putting it together!

Home Grown IoT – Automated DevOps
IoT scenarios tend to present unique challenges, especially when it comes to automation. This post from Aaron Powell details using Azure Pipelines and IoT Edge to do the Build and Release for a Raspberry PI application. And you can even browse to Aaron’s public Azure DevOps project to review the pipelines!

Reap What You Sow – IaC, Terraform, & Azure DevOps
This post from Napoleon I. Jones walks us through deploying infrastructure as code to Azure using Terraform, with the deployment automated with Azure Pipelines classic editor. Perhaps the next challenge could be bringing it all together in a YAML pipeline!

Export Work Item Information to Word Document
Always wanted to be able to create documentation directly from your Work Items? This walkthrough from Gian Maria Ricci is a collection of shorter posts on how to get the Work Item information from Azure Boards using the Azure DevOps REST API into a Word Document. For extra credit, you can even retrieve attachments and images from the work item.

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